Don’t Let a Really Crummy Facelift Keep You Home… for 3 Years

hide after bad facelift

hide after bad faceliftWhen you get a facelift, you expect to stay at home and recover for a week or so, sure. But for one woman in the UK, her botched facelift left her feeling trapped inside her home for three years—yikes!

While this may be an extreme case, it should be a lesson to anyone thinking about going under the knife to choose your plastic surgeon wisely. Not sure what to look for? No sweat. Here’s how to pick a qualified facelift surgeon.

1. Check for Board Certification

You can pretty easily weed out potentially unqualified or unskilled doctors by doing a quick search for their board certification. This information is usually plastered all over a plastic surgeon’s website, but you can also run a quick search in the American Board of Plastic Surgery’s online database to make sure.

2. Look at Before and After Photos

Keep your facelift goals in check. Remember that the point is to still look like you afterwards.

You probably don’t even buy a carton of eggs without taking a peek at them first, so why would you pick a plastic surgeon without seeing some examples of his or her work first?

When looking at before and after facelift photos, check for red flags like outdated pictures, fake-looking facelift results or even photos that appear to have been photoshopped.

3. Schedule an Office Visit

Once you’ve narrowed down your search to a few top contenders, schedule an office visit or two. Consider this a trial run of your facelift. The staff should be friendly and helpful, and, obviously, you want to see a clean and organized surgery room.


Don’t Let a Really Crummy Facelift Keep You Home… for 3 Years
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Don’t Let a Really Crummy Facelift Keep You Home… for 3 Years
How to pick a facelift surgeon 101: Beauty blogger RaveBabe shares three top tips for vetting your plastic surgeon before signing up for surgery.
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