Tummy Tucks

Don’t Bother Buying that Tummy Tuck Belt Thingy

Tummy Tuck Belt Thingy

Tummy Tuck Belt ThingyThey say there’s a sucker born every minute, which explains the existence of the tummy tuck belt. This spandex contraption wraps around the stomach and promises to instantly remove inches from the tummy without diet or exercise. It even comes with a thermal accelerator cream, which sounds more like rocket fuel than something I’d ever rub against my skin. If you’re a vampire with a television or just a late night owl, you’ve probably seen the ads for this too-good-to-be-true gadget. I hope you didn’t already commit to two low payments of $19.99, because I’ve got some bad news for you.

The Zerbert Zone

A paunch, a beer gut, a spare tire, a muffin top. Whatever you want to call it, many of us carry a little extra jiggle in our stomachs. If belly fat is the bane of your existence, you’re not alone. Pregnancy, weight loss or aging can leave us with loose skin, weakened abdominal muscles and a tummy with a pooched appearance. And the plain truth is there’s no simple solution. A late night infomercial doesn’t hold the key to our salvation.

A Foolproof Fix

The only nonsurgical remedy for belly fat is CoolSculpting®, a liposuction alternative that literally freezes the fat away. But if you’ve got loose skin or separated abs, it’s a tummy tuck or bust. A tummy tuck is a cosmetic surgery that removes excess abdominal skin, repairs muscles and can even target fat in the lower part of the stomach. You’ll spend a bit more than you would on a tummy tuck belt, but the real deal is worth the cost. After all, if a toned, taut abdomen isn’t a thing of beauty, then I don’t know what is.

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