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Does Post-Implant Breast Massage Make a Difference?

Young woman receiving breast massage at spa

Young woman receiving breast massage at spaImmediately after breast augmentation, it’s typical for implants to initially appear very high on the chest. This occurs because the implants have not yet “dropped” (settled into the breast pocket), a process that can take several weeks or more. Many plastic surgeons will recommend post-augmentation massaging exercises that a woman should perform at home to facilitate proper implant placement during recovery. Does this practice really work?

The Theory Behind Massages

The idea behind post-augmentation breast massage is that the movement helps the implant make its way downward into the breast pocket before the capsule of scar tissue fully develops. Massaging exercises, in theory, helps loosen the breast tissue and tight muscles that surround the implant so they’re encouraged to allow the implant to settle properly.

At the same time, the idea is that this regular working of the muscles and tissue helps limit the amount of scar tissue that can form around the implant. That’s why, in addition to helping the implants drop more quickly, massaging is also touted as a great way to keep the breasts feeling soft and prevent capsular contracture.

Follow Your Surgeon’s Instructions

It can be confusing if you read multiple sources of information about post-implant massage online. Among plastic surgeons, there’s certainly a lack of consensus about the effectiveness of implant massage at all, let alone how soon or how often massage should be performed after surgery.

Regardless of your personal opinion on the practice, it’s very important to diligently follow your surgeon’s post-operative advice and instructions regarding breast massage after augmentation. After all, you likely chose your surgeon because you trusted in his or her credibility and experience, and that trust should be extended toward your post-operative care as well.

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