Does Liposuction Make Your Fat Pack Its Bags & Pop Up Someplace Else?

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woman walking with suitcaseOne of the most common questions that plastic surgeons hear about body contouring is whether or not their fat will come back after lipo. Somewhere along the line, many people have come to believe that if you get liposuction, you can expect to mysteriously see that fat pop up elsewhere on your body. Check out why this isn’t true and what you can do to keep the same smooth, sexy results long-term.

Myth Busted

During liposuction, your plastic surgeon creates carefully placed incisions through which he or she can then insert a small tube to suction out excess fat cells in the desired area. Once those fat cells are gone, they’re gone. They don’t magically migrate and pop up somewhere else. This is liposuction, not a whack-a-mole-game.

It is possible to regain fat in areas that have been treated with liposuction, so don’t kick your exercise routine to the curb.

How to Maintain Beautiful Lipo Results

Although the fat removed during liposuction isn’t going to immediately show up somewhere else, new fat can accumulate as usual, even in treated areas. Because of this, it’s important that you keep up with your healthy diet and exercise habits well after your body contouring procedure.

One added perk of liposuction, though, is that even if you do gain a little weight after your procedure, that fat may be more evenly distributed throughout your body, rather than piling up in one place. Still, significant weight gain after liposuction could be cause for a revision procedure down the road.


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Does Liposuction Make Your Fat Pack Its Bags & Pop Up Someplace Else?
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Does Liposuction Make Your Fat Pack Its Bags & Pop Up Someplace Else?
Does fat come back after lipo? Plastic surgery personality Ravebabe answers this common liposuction frequently asked question once and for all.
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