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Does Getting a Boob Job Mean You’re a Big Fake?

Getting a Boob Job

Getting a Boob JobDespite their popularity, there’s a certain stigma that hangs over breast implants and the women who get them. You must be superficial, shallow or extraordinarily promiscuous. Maybe you’ve considered having a breast augmentation but are afraid of the social shaming that might come with it.

News flash: Changing your breasts doesn’t make you fake or superficial or change who you are as a person. Here’s why.

The Benefits of Boobs

Obviously, breast implants won’t resolve your broken relationship, fix your dysfunctional family or bring about world peace. There are limits to how much breast augmentation can improve your life and having realistic expectations is imperative before moving forward with any cosmetic procedure. However, many women do report significant psychological benefits after getting breast implants.

If you’ve lived with embarrassment over how your breasts look under clothing, in swimwear or during intimate situations, you may be a perfect candidate. The self-confidence that often comes with breast augmentation can deliver a better quality of life, a boost in self-esteem and a more satisfying sex life.

Your Boobs, Your Decision

Dear Abby recently published a letter from a woman who desperately wants to get breast implants. The woman feels that having larger breasts will improve her self-esteem, but she has a boyfriend who says he will consider her a “fake” person if she gets them and will find it difficult to continue their relationship. Dear Abby responded by reminding the woman that’s it her decision to do something to boost her confidence and suggested that the woman’s boyfriend may be intimidated by the extra attention she would get with a sexier figure.

Ultimately, life is short and your body is your own. If bigger breasts would make you feel more beautiful, confident and ready to conquer the world, go for it.

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