Does CoolSculpting® Leave You With Strange Dips?

shocked woman

shocked womanYou may have heard a little bit – or a lot – about CoolSculpting (depending on whether you’ve been under a rock lately). The non-surgical procedure literally freezes troublesome fat away using a special applicator that does not involve lasers, needles or pain. But is the idea of non-surgical fat reduction too good to be true? Can CoolSculpting leave you with bumps, dips or other unwanted dimensions?

Relax, Some Dips are Normal

Always go to a real-deal CoolSculpting technician for treatment; never risk your bod for a bargain.

If you had CoolSculpting and aren’t seeing the smooth and sleek results you were hoping for, don’t despair. As your body flushes out those nasty old fat cells, you might look a bit uneven. This tends to smooth out over time, and you will probably look rather goddess-like before too long, especially if you’re hitting the gym on the regular. But, what if that’s not the case?!

When Your Dipping Is Drastic

If you think your CoolSculpting-induced hip dips are beyond the “normal” range and aren’t going away with time, don’t panic. Talk to your CoolSculpting guru about what you should do next. Sometimes, treating the surrounding areas with their own dose of fat freezing therapy does the trick nicely. If you feel like the place you went for CoolSculpting was a little shady in the first place, take those dips of yours someplace else.

This is why it’s important for you to consult with a plastic surgeon who knows their stuff – not just whoever has the best discount on Groupon.


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Does CoolSculpting Leave You with Strange Dips?
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Does CoolSculpting Leave You with Strange Dips?
Just how does CoolSculpting work, and what do you do if the results leave you looking lumpy? Beauty blogger RaveBabe shares how to navigate the bumps.
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