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Do Your Skin a Favor and Get Naked Already

Your Skin

Your SkinWe spend so much of our time in stuffy, often uncomfortable clothes. So why not take every chance you get and strip down to your birthday suit? Actually, being in the buff has all kinds of awesome benefits for your overall health, especially for your skin. A good skin care regimen, mixed with a little time in the nude, could be just what you need to get that healthy glow. So here are a few of our favorite nudity benefits that your skin will thank you for.

Let It Breathe

Wearing clothes can suffocate your skin and cause skin problems. Your clothes, especially ones made of synthetic fibers, trap in in sweat, bacteria and dirt, often causing your skin to freak out. When you remove the clothing barrier, you allow your skin to breathe. Nudity benefits the body in so many ways, and by allowing your skin to breathe, you do your entire body a favor.

Nudity Benefits Your Skin

Our skin is our biggest organ and sweating is one of the ways that the body rids itself of toxins. Wearing clothes can actually cause toxins to be reabsorbed back into the body. Since nighttime is restorative for the skin, there’s no better time to strip it all off and hop under the covers for a comfy, detoxifying sleep!

You’ve only got one body, and being naked can help you learn to love it.

Improve Circulation

Good circulation is a key component to beautiful skin. Clothing, especially tight clothing, can limit your circulation and make your skin look drab. When you get nude, you automatically improve your circulation and give your skin a little love.

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