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Do You Want a Botched Booty or a Legit BBL with Lipo?

Close up of a woman's backside wearing Levi's jeans.

Close up of a woman's backside wearing Levi's jeans.Everyone is all about the booty right now. And if your squats aren’t delivering, you probably want to look into other options rather than settle for a pancake bottom.

One option some people are jumping at? DIY and massage therapist “BBLs.”

If reading that made you cringe, thank you — we are right there with you. If, on the other hand, you just had a lightbulb moment on how to improve your booty and save money doing so, let us stop you right there.

Girl, BBLs Are Legit Medical Procedures

You know what a Brazilian butt lift is? Surgery. It uses liposuction to remove fat from one part of the body and then injects it into your bottom. You can even get lipo 360 with BBL, completely transforming your torso and butt. It requires specialized tools, monitoring of your vital signs and usually general anesthesia.

And that isn’t something you do at home, at the spa or with anyone who isn’t a board-certified cosmetic surgeon. Not unless you want a botched booty — or worse.

And Things Do Get Worse

Getting BBL that isn’t legit can get a lot more terrifying than having a SpongeBob SquareButt — which we can all admit is pretty scary. Beyond the booty from hell, it can also lead to severe complications and even death.

If you are considering DIY cosmetic surgery or massage therapists for BBLs, we are side-eyeing you.

Not to get too graphic, but, well, one lady opted for a massage therapist over a legit doctor and ended up dying from a flesh-eating infection.

If you go to a massage therapist for your booty, stick to a butt massage, please.

Other women have gotten silicone injections at parties or even tried to do their own. And we hope we don’t have to explain why DIY cosmetic surgery is a very poor life decision.

How to Choose a Cosmetic Surgeon

All cosmetic procedures have their dangers and there is no way to avoid 100 percent of them. But you know a good way to avoid the worst of them?

Hire a board-certified cosmetic surgeon instead of a massage therapist or somebody with silicone and a caulking gun (yes, this has happened). Look for someone who has excellent results with BBL, liposuction and other fat transfers. Read their reviews online and see if you can find people online who have worked with them and are willing to vouch.

Then schedule a consultation and sit down with them. Come to them with all your questions. Make sure the facility looks clean and legitimate. Find out where they perform the procedure and research the facility. Ask for the before and after photos of their work. Demand the receipts! The dangers of a Brazilian butt lift from anyone other than a cosmetic surgeon are too great.

Yes, Brazilian butt lifts can get pricy. But it is better to spend that money on legit BBL with lipo. We know your momma told you that you get what you pay for. And you know what? Momma knew. She knew.


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Do You Want a Botched Booty or a Legit BBL with Lipo?
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Do You Want a Botched Booty or a Legit BBL with Lipo?
You can handle your BBL on your own and end up with a botched bottom, or you can pick a pro and get real results from lipo 360 with BBL.
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