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Do You Wanna Lose Your Lip or Look Foxy with Fillers?

Close up woman's lips with red lipstick.

Close up woman's lips with red lipstick.Valentine’s Day just wouldn’t be the same without your lips. You couldn’t kiss your partner, slurp up spaghetti like a romantic cartoon cocker spaniel or profess your love without a lisp.

Botched lip injections can put a serious damper on your romantic intentions. So seriously, people, let’s all try to avoid bad lip fillers, okay?

Don’t Get Bad Lip Fillers

Want to learn how to avoid bad lip fillers? Skip lip filler parties at your friend’s house. One woman, after a glass of wine or five, agreed to lip injections at a BOTOX® party that almost cost her her top lip. One wrong move caused her lip to become infected, which is the last look you want to sport on V-Day. Be smart about where and how you get your fillers.

Get Luscious, Full Lips

Lip fillers and libations do not mix.

All lip fillers are not created equal. While botched lip injections are not exactly sexy, the right full, foxy lips can be exactly what your Valentine’s Day needs. Injectable fillers, when done right, can help you find your way to a plump pucker with little to no down time. But you need to find a professional not working in your girlfriend’s living room. Find a reputable doctor, talk over your expectations and take care of yourself and your face.

So if you don’t want to lose a lip, learn how to avoid bad lip fillers make sure you’re being smart about your procedures. Find a reputable doctor, do your homework and, well, just don’t be stupid.


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Do You Wanna Lose Your Lip or Look Foxy with Fillers?
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Do You Wanna Lose Your Lip or Look Foxy with Fillers?
Have a few questions about how you can avoid bad lip fillers? Beauty blogger RaveBabe really doesn't want you to lose your lips. Follow her tips.
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