Do You Really Want Your Dentist Delivering Your BOTOX® Injections?


Botox It’s possible—just possible, mind you—that maybe your dentist isn’t the ideal specialist for your decidedly non-dental facial rejuvenation treatment. Actually, BOTOX® is used by the dental profession for pain suppression in the jaw. However, since a licensed medical professional needs minimal specialist training to legally inject BOTOX® cosmetically, in theory, your dentist could start injecting BOTOX® into your forehead if he or she had absolutely no scruples about it. You probably could find another Dr. Evil to give you injections in his garage or the back of his van.

BOTOX® Experience Matters

BOTOX® isn’t some kind of benign moisturizing treatment. It’s a medical procedure that, like any medical procedure, can mean scary results if administered poorly. The entire purpose of the procedure is to improve your appearance, not leave you with a swollen, expressionless mask.

Now, just because someone is a dentist doesn’t mean that he or she is inherently unsuitable to perform cosmetic procedures. There could be some fantastic cosmetic dentists that have carefully studied the anatomy of the face and do outstanding work. But your BOTOX®-wielding dentist could also spend 99 percent of his time performing root canals, wisdom tooth extractions, and crown fittings, and only devoting a couple of hours per year to BOTOX®.

Shockingly, the best BOTOX® results are seen when treatment is performed by a skilled BOTOX® injector. These are the ones who administer injectables regularly, are constantly educating themselves on industry innovations, and who genuinely care about making their patients look great above anything else.

The point is, don’t let anyone with a license and a desperate need for money inject things into you body. If you want the benefits that BOTOX® can deliver, then do your research, and get thee to a reputable med spa.

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