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Do You Need a Marble in Your Tummy Tuck Recovery Kit?

Tummy Tuck Recovery Kit

Tummy Tuck Recovery KitYou know what would spoil your tummy tuck? A weird-looking belly button. Do you really want to be on the beach hiding your sleek abs and taut tummy skin because your belly button didn’t make it to the other side in its original condition? Yeah, us neither.

And a Marble Helps How?

If your belly button ends up looking square or shaped like a triangle or too small or just odd after a tummy tuck, the theory is that you can pop a marble into your belly button, tape that bad boy down and wait for a better belly button to emerge as the marble slowly stretches the scar. A quick word about trying this marble trick: You should probably use a standard-sized marble, wash it first for Pete’s sake and leave the marble in for 12 to 18 hours a day.

    Put the marble down. Your belly button should weather your tummy tuck just fine without needing to call in a marble.

Go Ahead & Lose Your Marble

But do you really need a marble to save your belly button? Not so much. A skilled plastic surgeon should be able to ensure that your belly button retains its shape or looks even better after a tummy tuck — no marble required.

Still, your belly button may look a bit weird at first as you experience swelling during your tummy tuck recovery. Have faith and give the marble a rest unless your plastic surgeon recommends sending in the small, round glass savior. Feel free to worry about your incision, though, and send the troops there to minimize your tummy tuck scar.

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