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Do Women with Breast Implants Have Better Sex?

Breast Implants

Breast Implants70 percent of women who had breast enhancement surgery said their sex life satisfaction improved, according to this RealSelf study. The increase in satisfaction to their sex life after breast augmentation brings up a few simple truths that are sometimes overlooked when considering the benefits of breast enhancement surgery, but are important to consider when determining why it seems to improve a woman’s sex life.

After all, the actual implants do not add value in terms of improved sensation or arousal. However, using a tool to achieve a desired cosmetic goal can yield benefits beyond being just physically appealing to the eyes.


Improving self-esteem is a common goal amongst women considering virtually any type of cosmetic procedure. Feeling good about oneself almost always trickles into every aspect of life, including the bedroom.


While this one goes back to confidence, feeling comfortable in one’s skin can make all the difference when in an intimate setting.


Happiness with the way one looks allows one to feel at ease, therefore more relaxed and more able to enjoy the present moment. This can lead to heightened arousal, as the body is more calm and receptive to stimulation.

The bottom line is that the breast implants themselves don’t lead to better sex. It’s the improvements women see within themselves that allow them to feel their best, and to be their best. Which, in turn, can spice up any sex life!

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