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Do NOT Turn Your Labia into Jewelry after Labiaplasty

labia necklace

labia necklaceSo, now we have to tell people not to make necklaces out of their labia. A woman in the UK recently made news by having the trimmings from her labiaplasty turned into a fashion accessory. The 29-year-old woman who made jewelry from her ladybits says the necklace symbolizes her freedom from pain during intercourse, which we kind of get. We just aren’t so on board with the whole wearing a piece of your vajayjay around your neck part. (And you thought the sparkly vaginathing was weird).

Why Get Labiaplasty at All?

A labiaplasty necklace makes a strange, and perhaps slightly gross, souvenir of a procedure that has actually helped a lot of women.

Labiaplasty is actually really amazing, and there are plenty of reasons to consider having it. Loose lips may sink ships, and they can also cause a lady plenty of intimate issues. Women with elongated labia can experience a range of unpleasant things from awkwardness during sexy time to pinched-crotch syndrome during spinning class. And, let’s not even get started talking about the lives ruined (or at least made slightly less great) by camel-toe.

Things to Know before You Go

Now you know why to get labiaplasty, but that does not mean you should go to just any plastic surgeon you find on Google to have it done. Labiaplasty is a delicate, intimate procedure and it requires someone who is skilled and experienced with trimming and tailoring hoo-has. Do not be afraid to ask anything at your surgical consultation. If there’s ever a time for awkward questions, this is it.


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