Cellulite Treatment

Ditch the Cottage Cheese for a Cellulite-Free Look

female body

female bodyMany women (and a few men) dream of having sleek and shapely thighs that can best be shown off in revealing bikinis. For those who weren’t blessed with naturally smooth bodies that are unmarred by cellulite, we recommend the corrective magic of VelaShape III. What is VelaShape III, you ask? What an excellent question!

VelaShape III: Blast that Fat. Er, Cellulite.

VelaShape III is a combined infrared light, bi-polar radio frequency, vacuum suction device that mobilizes the tissues and promotes skin tightening along with a dramatic reduction in the appearance of cellulite. This completely non-invasive treatment takes less than one hour per session with no downtime, and you can typically see great results in just a few sessions.

VelaShape III can used on any area of the body that has that lovely cottage cheese look. So, while used mainly on the legs, thighs, hips and bottom, the arms and tummy can also be targeted.

Treatment with VelaShape isn’t anything like surgery. It’s noninvasive, although it does require the heating of cells in order to be effective. In other words, there will be some warmth, but not an uncomfortable amount. Most patients say that the procedure feels like a hot stone massage. (Except, of course, hot stones will do nothing for your cellulite.)

Cottage cheese belongs in the dairy section, not on your thighs. (Unless that’s, uh, what you’re into. No judgment!) This summer, smooth out those ripples with strength training, a healthy diet and maybe a VelaShape III treatment for the perfect poolside accessory: great gams.

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