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Dear Santa, I’m Gonna Need You to Bring Me All the Body Contouring

Santa with shocked face

Santa with shocked faceWant to know what should really be on your Christmas wish list this year? Some nonsurgical body contouring treatments, that’s what! You’ll get the perks of surgical procedures, like a smooth, sexy figure, but without the downtime and hassle. It’s a win-win.

Check out two of the most popular treatments to whip your body into shape just in time to ring in the New Year.

UltraShape® Power

Pudgy love handles and belly bulges can ruin your favorite holiday dress in an instant, but the good news is you can do something more than throw on a pair of Spanx underneath your getup. UltraShape® Power is a nifty nonsurgical body contouring treatment that’ll slim your waist, trim your thighs and leave you looking and feeling like a brand new you.

It uses ultrasonic waves to get rid of pesky fat cells. And the best part? You can get right back to Christmas shopping and holiday festivities after your appointment because there’s no downtime needed.

Get a better body in 90 minutes or less with UltraShape!

VelaShape™ III

If the only dimples you want to see this Christmas are on children’s smiling faces, you might want to add VelaShape™ to your wish list.

Not only does VelaShape help you kick stubborn fat to the curb, but it’ll also smooth away cellulite and tighten your skin—all without surgery. Instead, it combines infrared energy, radiofrequency waves and vacuum pressure to lift and heat tissue.

Trust me, you’ll look so good, even the Grinch will want to accompany you to the annual holiday party.


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Dear Santa, I’m Gonna Need You to Bring Me All the Body Contouring
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Dear Santa, I’m Gonna Need You to Bring Me All the Body Contouring
Looking for VelaShape near you? Plastic surgery personality RaveBabe highlights the benefits of nonsurgical body contouring for the holidays.
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