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Dear Granny, Getting a Tummy Tuck Is About Health, Not Your Age

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Positive old woman in pink hoody and black with green sunglasses posing with two thumbs up on pink background.Thinking you’re probably too old to get a tummy tuck? Well think again, Grams! More and more Baby Boomers are opting in for cosmetic surgery, with some of the most popular procedures among this age group being tummy tucks, liposuction breast lifts and facelifts. Truth be told, a healthy 60-something could very well be a better candidate for cosmetic surgery than a 20-something who doesn’t take such great care of themselves.

Still, you might want to keep these four quick tips in mind if you’re thinking about getting a tummy tuck after 65.

  1. Health Trumps Age

    You know that saying, “Age is just a number”? Well, in the case of cosmetic surgery, that’s pretty darn true. Sure, your age can play a role in your candidacy for a cosmetic procedure, but it doesn’t have to. More so than your age, your overall health and physical condition will help your cosmetic surgeon determine whether or not a tummy tuck or other procedure could be right for you.

    Things like a history of heart disease, stroke and high blood pressure could put you at an increased risk for complications. These are the types of reasons why some people might not be suited for an elective procedure—not the fact that they’re over 65.

  2. Experience Matters

    It never hurts to get a second opinion—just make sure it’s coming from a reputable source.

    Pick a cosmetic surgeon who knows what they’re doing, with a standout reputation and lots of experience with tummy tucks—and even with older clients. They’ll evaluate your physical health and medical history and give you a professional opinion about whether or not you’re healthy enough for a cosmetic procedure to be performed safely.

    Remember that they’re the experts. So don’t try to source out someone who will give you what you’re asking for all willy-nilly, when experienced cosmetic surgeons have raised red flags. It’s not worth risking your health or potentially your life.

  3. Honesty Is the Best Policy

    This is your body we’re talking about, so it’s in your best interest to be honest with your cosmetic surgeon about your medical history and any medications you’re currently taking. This could be the difference between a totally safe and successful procedure and some serious complications and health risks.

    But listen, if your medical history or medications make you not such a great candidate for a surgical procedure, all hope isn’t lost. Ask your cosmetic surgeon about nonsurgical tummy tuck alternatives that could still be a great fit for your goals.

  4. Keep It Real

    Now that you know that tummy tuck could totally be a viable option for you at practically any age, let’s talk about your goals for a hot minute. It’s important that your goals are realistic and that you don’t have impossible expectations for your results.

    While a tummy tuck, breast lift or a facelift can absolutely improve your physique and help you look younger and more refreshed, these procedures aren’t going to make you look like you’re in your 20s again. But if you’re cool with that and understand both the limitations and the capabilities of cosmetic surgery, there’s no reason you shouldn’t go for it!

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Dear Granny, Getting a Tummy Tuck Is About Health, Not Your Age
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Dear Granny, Getting a Tummy Tuck Is About Health, Not Your Age
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