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Crowdfunding Your Labiaplasty Is Sooo Awkward, Right?

Crowdfunding sign on a desk with two people planning.

Crowdfunding sign on a desk with two people planning.So, you’ve decided on labiaplasty for its many benefits. Now’s the time to make your social media announcement and start crowdfunding your surgery – or is that totally weird?

What’s the internet etiquette on crowdfunding, ahem, intimate medical costs anyway?

To Post or Not To Post?

Your social network is one of the most powerful tools at your disposal. Why should it be relegated to “liking” photos of pasta and puppies? Some women turn to trusty crowdsourcing to help fund their labiaplasty.

We’re in uncharted waters here, but for many, labiaplasty benefits can outweigh the weirdness of asking your followers for support. Women who feel physically or emotionally uncomfortable with themselves can find confidence, and that’s the greatest “thumbs up” there is. But for real. There are other options.

It’s Not About the Likes

Seriously people, has no one ever heard of a payment plan?

Looking to the internet to help pave the way for labiaplasty isn’t about getting clicks. The benefits of labiaplasty aren’t digital—they’re IRL. These surgeries are an investment, and they don’t exactly come cheap.

But before you turn to unsavory sites that can help you crowdfund your surgery without letting that weird aunt who “friended” you know about what’s going on, consider your options. Check out available payment plans. Stash away some cash with a side hustle. You don’t need to resort to trading pictures for procedures. (Seriously, people have done it.)

Whether or not you opt to kick start your labiaplasty piggy bank with a little help from your online friends is ultimately up to you. Deciding to announce your intentions to the world is as personal a choice as having the procedure. But please know, there really, truly are other ways.


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Crowdfunding Your Labiaplasty Is Sooo Awkward, Right?
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Crowdfunding Your Labiaplasty Is Sooo Awkward, Right?
Do the benefits of labiaplasty have you thinking about crowdfunding your procedure? RaveBabe asks you to pump the brakes for a minute & dishes out other options.
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