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Crowdfunding Your Labiaplasty Is Just Awkward, Right?

Crowdfunding Your Labiaplasty

Crowdfunding Your LabiaplastyThe sharing economy is kind of a big deal these days. Want to go on holiday but a little short on airfare? Set up a GoFundMe campaign! Need the cash to create that zombie coloring book you’ve been planning? Kickstarter’s the way to go! Asymmetrical labia got you down? Ask your friends on social media to pitch in for your labiaplasty!

What Is this World Coming To?

GetCosmetic is a plastic surgery crowdfunding website where people from all over the world can post about the procedures they want to solicit funds from strangers. Some women have gone so far as to offer pictures of their final results in return for donations to their labiaplasty. If the idea of crowdfunding your vaginal rejuvenation procedure makes you mortified and you have no intention of flaunting your outcome to anonymous sugar daddies, there’s hope for our world yet.

    Asking for money for your vaginal rejuvenation procedure is not how civilized people operate, but what’s a girl with lousy labia to do?

Will Work for Labiaplasty

Let’s face it: plastic surgery ain’t cheap. But you shouldn’t let cost get in the way of having a labiaplasty or other procedure done. Like many plastic surgeries, labiaplasty is not a mere vanity project. Women have labiaplasties to resize labia that may be asymmetrical or the cause of pain and discomfort. And among the most frequently asked questions about labiaplasty is if there are financing plans available.

Labiaplasty Financing Options

If you can’t pay for the entire procedure up front, there are financing options for your labiaplasty procedure. CareCredit is a specialty payment plan that can help make your plastic surgery procedure affordable, so you don’t have to entrust the fate of your labia to the kindness of strangers on the internet.

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