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Crowdfunding Boob Jobs: Creepy or Practical?

Crowdfunding Boob

Crowdfunding BoobWhile scrolling through social media on a daily basis, you probably come across a few links to crowdfunding sites for various causes, ranging from medical bills to fire relief to… boob jobs? That’s right; there’s now an entire crowdfunding site dedicated to helping women get breast implants for free. But because there’s no such thing as a free lunch, we knew there’d be a catch.

What’s in It for Me?

It’s probably not too difficult to imagine what might stand in as “payment” for crowdfunded implants. As it turns out, in addition to monetary exchanges, the site also features private video chatting and photo exchanges, implying that these super generous benefactors aren’t so altruistic after all. Participating in these extras isn’t, of course, mandatory, although it does strike a chord with many protestors that women could very easily feel manipulated and even forced into offering some form of payment for their new look.

To Each Her Own

Okay, so there’s quite possibly a creepy side to the whole boob job crowdsourcing thing, but could there be some practical benefits in it as well? When it really comes down to it, if a woman is comfortable using the site and accepting payment for her breast augmentation from one of these kind internet strangers, then who’s to stop her from using it to get great breast implant results? After all, implants can be pricey, and this may be an extremely helpful solution for some women.

It’s All about You, Girl

But luckily for those women who don’t want to turn to crowdsourcing for their breast implants, most reputable plastic surgery practices will offer some sort of payment plan that can help to make the procedure affordable. Just make sure that you’re getting implants for you, though, and not because of any external pressure, online or otherwise.

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