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Could Your Breast Implants Be Tax-Deductible?

Breast Implants

Breast ImplantsTwo things are guaranteed in life, death and taxes. Each year, Americans brainstorm every possible tax deduction to keep as much of their hard-earned money in their pockets as possible. When it comes to business, you’re entitled to deduct everything essential to do your job. Airline pilots deduct their uniforms, realtors deduct their vehicles and plumbers and electricians deduct their tools. So, what if your line of work is a little less traditional?

Strippin’ Ain’t Easy

This whole business deduction thing can be a little tricky when you earn your living one dollar at a time by spinning around a pole and performing a multitude of other acrobatic feats…while naked. If you think about the things a stripper could realistically claim as a business expense, the list isn’t very long. Let’s be honest, you don’t have much expense in the uniform department, and acrylic heels are insanely inexpensive. So, could breast implants be deductible for strippers?

One exotic dancer successfully pleaded her case to the US Tax Court which upheld her deduction for her larger-than-life breast augmentation. Cynthia Hess, aka “Chesty Love,” argued that her breast implants are “business assets” and “necessary stage props” as a professional exotic dancer. Ms. Love claimed her breast implants gave her the cleavage and “stage presence” she needed to take her career and her income to the next level.

Strippers Everywhere Rejoice

The plight of Chesty Love set a precedent, and strippers everywhere can now test Mr. Love’s theory that bigger breasts equals bigger bucks in the exotic dancing line of work. No one works harder for their money than these ladies, and they deserve deductions as much as those who work in, you know, more clothed professions.

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