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Confidence, Vindication & a Little Body Contouring? Yes, Please!

RaveBabe - sexy woman is swimming in a pool

RaveBabe - sexy woman is swimming in a poolCardi B is not one to hold back about anything — including her plastic surgeries. While her body alterations aren’t for everyone, she is very clear about one thing: they have been perfect for her

According to Cardi, she was skinny, almost completely lacking in the boob and butt departments. And where she grew up in New York, everything was about the bodacious look. People frequently commented on her shortage of assets, and she lacked confidence in herself as a result.

When she turned 18, Cardi started stripping, and as soon as she had enough money, she bought herself some brand-new boobs. Cardi says that at that point, she got a big boost in confidence by eliminating a top insecurity of hers. Then, at 20, she started working at a new club where big butts were essential, so she got her butt done too. 

The result? The confident Cardi B we know today.

Is Her Confidence All Surgery?

Being confident post-plastic surgery means being in a good place before your procedure.

No way. In the plastic surgery world, there are a lot of patients who need a therapist in addition to — or instead of — a surgeon. Cardi’s confidence comes down to a lot more than just her boosted boobs and body curves. However, they have no doubt helped her feel better about herself, especially as an entertainer. 

And she isn’t alone. Increased confidence is one of the biggest motivations for seeking plastic surgery and one of its greatest benefits.

The Truth about Plastic Surgery Confidence

If you are someone with a poor self-image that runs deeper than things cosmetic surgery can fix, getting a little something done is unlikely to be the major confidence boost you need. If your internal dialogue is always cutting you down or goes after things like your intelligence, likeability and general worth, the scalpel is not the solution for you. 

However, if you are a big fan of yourself overall and just have some physical aspects you’d like to change, surgery can be a major confidence win. 

According to recent research, patients that start off in a healthy place are likely to experience greater joy in life, increased satisfaction and greater self-esteem once healed. 

The study looked at individuals prior to plastic surgery and compared their mindsets at that time with where they eventually were three, six and 12 months after surgery. Overwhelming, patients found they felt better about themselves and enjoyed life more after surgery than they did before.

Where Things Go Wrong

Ultimately, the better you start in terms of mental health, the better the spot where you land. However, another roadblock to happiness with your plastic surgery results is unrealistic expectations — both in terms of how you’ll look and how you and others will feel

To come away from your experience satisfied, you need to keep your idea about what is to come grounded in reality. Take the time to really look at before and after photos and join communities where people talk about their plastic surgery experiences. Once you are in the right position, you’ll be ready to get the most out of whatever plastic surgery procedure you choose. 

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Confidence, Vindication & a Little Body Contouring? Yes, Please!
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Confidence, Vindication & a Little Body Contouring? Yes, Please!
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