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Chocolate Facial? Yes Please!

Chocolate Facial

Chocolate FacialChocolate lovers rejoice! Now you can enjoy slathering chocolate all over your face with a scrumptious chocolate facial. While this sticky yet delicious-sounding plan may sound like your white sheets’ worst nightmare, a chocolate facial surprisingly has many health benefits for your skin.

Chocolate Face Masks

How can the same pieces of chocolate that, when consumed, cause bad acne breakouts then be a good thing when applied all over your face? It’s all in the ingredients.

The antioxidant and vitamin-rich elements in dark cocoa include flavonoids that are known to protect cells from free radical damage. When applied directly to your face, chocolate facials can help fight signs of aging, heal your skin and rejuvenate cells.

Dark chocolate also has rich, natural ingredients that can help keep your face clear and hydrated. You can even create your own chocolate face mask at home with dark cocoa powder and plain yogurt. Yum!

Rich, Dark or Milk?

Not a dark chocolate fan? No problem. Chocolate of all varieties has many benefits for your skin. While at-home facials are best mixed up using the dark chocolate variety, Swiss chocolate is commonly used at health spas all over the world (not to mention delicious to eat).


Now before you break off a piece of your favorite candy bar and go smearing it across your face, keep in mind that true chocolate facials use oxygen-infused ingredients that are designed specifically for facial treatments. And if all this sounds too delicious to handle, you might pop by your local medical spa to see if they offer any non-food related facial treatments to revitalize your complexion instead.


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