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Celebs Don’t Just Have Glowing Skin — They Get Laser Treatments

celebrity laser treatment

celebrity laser treatmentEver watch celebrities stroll down the red carpet and wonder what magic potion they’re all drinking to look so damn flawless?

As it turns out, they’re not sharing some secret fountain of youth and, no, they weren’t born with it. They’re reaping the benefits of laser treatments, and you can too!

Singer JhenéAiko Just Dropped Her Skin Secrets

Three-time Grammy Award nominee JhenéAiko, who you might also know as Big Sean’s girlfriend, has one of those faces you just can’t help but stare at. Girl’s got ah-mazing skin. But by her own admission via Instagram, Aiko has more than a few skincare tricks up her sleeve, and one of them is a twice-a-year laser skin resurfacing treatment.

True to its name, laser skin resurfacing triggers your skin to shed its surface layer of dead, flaky skin cells while also ramping up collagen production to reveal a smooth, glowing new layer after a few days.

In between these treatments, which she apparently gets every six months, Aiko says she keeps up with her results by using skincare products and serums, plus adding a few supplements — collagen pills, kangen water and apple cider vinegar — to her diet.

So Is Laser Skin Resurfacing Right for Everyone?

Got sun damage? Fine lines? Acne scars? Laser skin resurfacing can help with all the above!

While you certainly don’t have to be a celebrity to be a good candidate for laser skin treatments, there are a couple caveats. If you have active acne or very dark skin, this might not be the solution for you. Laser skin resurfacing is also not great for getting rid of deep wrinkles.

If you’re thinking about getting in on Aiko’s secret to glowing skin, it can’t hurt to consult a professional to see if it’s right for you.


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Celebs Don’t Just Have Glowing Skin — They Get Laser Treatments
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Celebs Don’t Just Have Glowing Skin — They Get Laser Treatments
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