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Can’t Stand the Election? Escape with a European Facial

European Facial

European FacialPolitics can be dirty business, especially during an election season. If the 24 hour news cycle and partisan wrangling make you wish you could leave the country, I’ve got the next best thing to a one-way ticket to Canada: a European facial.

Mud on Your Face

The thing about all the mud-slinging that happens in politics is that you can feel grimy just watching it all go down. The more you’re exposed to the ceaseless bickering and bluster, you may notice your skin break out in sheer revulsion. That’s why I suggest you rise above all this American angst and soothe yourself with a trés Euro cosmetic med spa treatment.

Continental Facial Care

The Europeans have long been regarded for their effortless elegance, and the European facial is a monthly staple in their down-to-earth beauty routine. When you treat yourself to what the Europeans call a “classic facial,” your skin can emerge looking refreshed and radiant—like you just exorcised all the political impurities right out of your pores.

A Multi-Stage Beauty Treatment

   A European facial consists of a number of steps designed to offer deep facial cleansing and thorough skin revitalization. 

The first step, cleansing, helps to remove impurities. Exfoliation and extraction further detoxify the skin. A hydrating mask helps to nourish the skin and refine the pores. The pièce de résistance of a European facial is the massage, which helps promote blood circulation and just makes you feel like a million bucks—or Euros, as the case may be.

By the end of your European facial, you may look like you’ve never even heard of the candidates running for election.

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