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Can You Diet Away Cellulite or Should You Just Try Cellfina™?

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Try CellfinaCellulite. It should be a four-letter word. The scourge of community pool and the enemy of short-shorts, cellulite has ruined many a swimsuit shopping experience. So, what’s the real deal with cellulite? Does what you eat actually have any effect on cellulite or should you just have Cellfina™ and eat whatever the heck you want? The answer may be somewhere in between.

What Doesn’t Work on Cellulite

Let’s just get this out of the way: most cellulite treatments do not work. While creams and massages may provide some temporary smoothing, they cannot actually remove cellulite. Other things that don’t work include caffeine tights, LED lights and positive thinking. What about eating, you say? If I eat kale and flax seeds every day, won’t my thighs become smooth and perfect? Not really. While eating healthy foods will definitely help you stay in better shape and prevent more fat from accumulating, it won’t magically make your cellulite disappear.

What you eat may not affect cellulite, but donuts and burgers aren’t going to do you any favors either way.

What Does Work (Hint: It’s Cellfina™)

Cellfina™ actually works because it attacks cellulite at its structural cause. The truth is that cellulite is more about how fat is distributed amongst your muscles and other tissues, rather than how much of it you have. That’s how come thicker ladies can have smooth thighs and skinny ones can have dimply bottoms. During a Cellfina™ treatment, those dastardly dimples are eliminated — and they’ll stay gone for up to 3 years.

So, if you want to get rid of cellulite, get Cellfina™ (right after you have that kale smoothie).


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Can You Diet Away Cellulite or Should You Just Try Cellfina™?
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Can You Diet Away Cellulite or Should You Just Try Cellfina™?
Wondering how to fight cellulite on thighs and buttocks? Yes, you should eat right to keep fit but Cellfina can actually zap those dimples.
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