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Can We Stop Shaming People for Facial Plastic Surgery Already?

Stop Shaming People for Facial Plastic Surgery

Stop Shaming People for Facial Plastic SurgeryDespite the numbers that show how the popularity of plastic surgery continues to climb year after year, there is still a stigma that surrounds “getting work done” — whether it’s BOTOX® or a facelift. In particular, there seems to be an even bigger hush-hush attitude toward facial plastic surgeries like facelifts, nose jobs and brow lifts.

So what gives? Why the plastic surgery shade, even when the data shows that more and more women and men are opting for some type of cosmetic treatment than ever before? Let’s dig in a little deeper, shall we?

Old Facelift Stereotypes Die Hard

The facelifts of yesteryear were known for creating a pulled-back, “windblown” look that could be spotted a mile away. Fortunately, today’s facelifts are much more sophisticated and use advanced surgical techniques that go far beyond simply pulling the skin tight. Modern facelifts also tighten the underlying muscle tissue, resulting in a smooth, natural look that doesn’t scream “I had a facelift!” like in the past.

Modern facelifts have come a long way, babe. Don’t fear the wind tunnel look of the past!

Still, the old stereotype that facelifts create unnatural, awkward-looking results has hung around, making some people feel as though they have to conceal the fact that they’ve had facial plastic surgery.

After all, our faces are so personal and are directly tied to our identities in many ways. Many people still have a fear of looking unlike themselves when they look in the mirror after facial plastic surgery. But I’m here to tell you that when you pick the right facial plastic surgeon, you truly can have a natural-looking result that still looks like you — only more youthful and radiant.

How to Get Natural-Looking Facial Plastic Surgery Results

If much of the stigma surrounding facial plastic surgery stems from the fear of looking frozen, fake, or like Frankenstein’s monster, the key to embracing these types of procedures — whether they are for cosmetic or medical reasons — might lie in understanding how natural-looking results are achieved using modern surgical techniques and technology.

Here are a few tips to keep in mind when picking a facial plastic surgeon to help ensure you still look like you, only enhanced, when it’s all said and done:

  • Triple-check credentials. One of the most important steps when choosing a facial plastic surgeon is to verify his or her medical credentials. Work with a board-certified facial plastic surgeon who has ample experience in this particular area of plastic surgery, as the face has some of the most intricate anatomy in the body.
  • Study before and after photos. The best facial plastic surgeon is also an artist of sorts. Take some time to really get to know the ins and outs of his or her style by looking at before and after photos of the procedure you’re considering.
  • Go with your gut. Always, always, always meet the plastic surgeon in person before making a final decision. During your consultation, you should be able to get a good read on whether or not this is someone with whom you feel comfortable working. Go with your instincts!


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Can We Stop Shaming People for Facial Plastic Surgery Already?
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Can We Stop Shaming People for Facial Plastic Surgery Already?
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