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Can We Please Stop Discussing Celebrity Plastic Surgery?

Celebrity Plastic Surgery

Celebrity Plastic SurgeryWhether it’s J-Lo, Courtney Love or, most recently, Iggy Azalea, the internet has run amok with speculation and sometimes even downright rude comments about whether or not certain stars have had “work done.” But while one could argue that these celebs have made a life for themselves in the limelight, why are we so obsessed with what they do with their bodies in a private space?

Are Those Real?

Most people would (hopefully) never dream of walking up to a complete stranger and asking her if her breasts were “real” or not. But that’s exactly what happened to singer Iggy Azalea on national television. While appearing on the TV show Wild ‘N Out, a comedian asked the star if her butt was real. He then went on to add that “every dude” in the audience wanted to know.

So What?

The first problem with this interaction is that Azalea’s backside shouldn’t be anyone’s business except her own. But secondly and even worse still is the idea that women’s bodies are still seen as objects to be publically enjoyed.

In a society where bodies are still very much objectified and sexualized, we’ve got to get over this whole business of “OMG which celeb got plastic surgery this week?” and focus a little more on ourselves.

You Do You

Although celebrities seem to bear the brunt of the plastic surgery gossip, many women who have had or who are considering cosmetic procedures themselves feel this same pressure to answer the “are those real” question.

    If plastic surgery can help you feel great about yourself, by all means, get it

When it really comes down to it, the answer should always be that your breast implants or butt lift isn’t anyone else’s business. If plastic surgery can help you feel great about yourself, by all means, get it and don’t worry about what anyone else thinks.


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