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Can Super Skinny Girls Get Lipo Too?

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Super Skinny GirlsCan you be a size zero and still suitable for liposuction? Some may argue that there’s definitely no need for any kind of cosmetic surgery at such a small size, but the truth is that it can be shape, rather than size, that affects how we feel about ourselves.

Why Skinny Girls Can Get Lipo Too

Although slender women may find they receive some incredulous looks and exclamations of disbelief when expressing a desire to have liposuction, they may well have an entirely valid reason for it. Liposuction isn’t an alternative to working hard for your weight loss; it’s a means of contouring your shape by removing stubborn pockets of fat impervious to diet and exercise.

   If you’re a size zero but out of proportion, you could still be a great candidate for liposuction.

Despite common misconception, liposuction is most suited to women, and men, who are close to their ideal healthy weight. In other words, a suitable candidate could very well appear super skinny in the eyes of others.

Additionally, research has shown that liposuction can also have a beneficial effect on your health, self-esteem and other areas of your life.

One further reason why slim individuals may benefit from liposuction is the motivation it inspires towards remaining in good shape going forward. No matter how small your frame, a protruding tummy or other problem areas can really knock your confidence. Addressing these can work wonders toward encouraging a healthy diet and regular exercise. When you know how good looking great feels, you most likely won’t ever want to let it go.

Cosmetic surgery is a personal choice, meaning its objective is to help you feel better about yourself, whatever your size.

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