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Can Implants Improve Breast Shape?

Breast Shape

Breast Shape While most women choose breast augmentation in order to add volume to their figure, some women may consider implants as a possible solution for ptosis (visible sagging) or tubular deformity. Can breast implants really change the shape and placement of your natural breast, or is a different solution needed?

Ptotic Breasts

When the center line of the nipple falls below the inframammary fold, this is known as ptosis. Ptosis can range from very mild to more pronounced. In women with a naturally generous breast size already, drooping may give the appearance of a deflated breast at the upper pole (top of the breast) and excessive fullness below. It’s only natural to think of implants as an option to create a rounder, more even breast shape, yet in breasts that are already placed quite low, implants can further exacerbate ptosis. Breast implants may be enough to add some fullness in those breasts that are only mildly ptotic, however.

Tuberous Breasts

A tubular breast deformity develops during adolescence, and is caused by the constriction of tissue at the base of the breast, which forces breast growth downward rather than outward. Women with tuberous breasts who choose implants may require some additional surgery in order to correct their natural breast shape. Additionally, form-stable highly cohesive silicone gel implants (“gummy bear” implants) may offer superior results, as their firmness provides a more definitive foundation for the new breast contours.

The best plastic surgeons address shape and placement concerns when it comes to breast enhancement, and not just volume. With the right combination of procedures, you can feel confident about achieving your cosmetic goals.

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