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Can a Cell Phone Trick Spot a Boob Job?

Boob Job

Boob JobMinus speculation and rumors, there’s really no way to determine whether or not a woman has had a boob job without up and asking her, which is pretty rude if you ask us. But thanks to Thai model Wichooda Cheychom, the age-old question of “real or fake?” might be getting a little easier to decipher, and the only tool you need is your trusty cell phone.

What’s the Deal with Glowing Boobs?

In her viral video, Cheychom claims that the radiation from your cell phone will cause the silicone in breast implants to glow. In fact, the model uses her own enhanced breasts and a couple of cell phones in a dark room to demonstrate the idea. Whether or not her video went viral because of this odd discovery or thanks to Cheychom’s lovely, nearly exposed chest is up in the air, but we have our suspicions.

    If it takes a crazy cell phone trick in a dark room to tell that you have breast implants, you owe your cosmetic surgeon a pat on the back.

What’s the Harm in Trying?

If you happen to have a pair of silicone beauties yourself and are thinking about testing this out, keep in mind that some research suggests that keeping your cell phone placed directly against your chest for long periods of time may not be safe. While there’s still no definitive evidence one way or the other, you might want to err on the side of caution and not spend too much time lighting up your boobs with your cell phone.

How to Get a Boob Job That’s Impossible to Spot

The key to beautiful, natural-looking results from breast augmentation is to work with an experienced cosmetic surgeon.

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