Breast Lift

Can a Breast Lift Mean a Better Boob Job?

Breast Lift

Breast LiftGetting a boob job seems simple enough. Choose between saline or silicone, figure out a size profile and find a surgeon. Done! Well, not quite. There’s a whole lot to take into account while doing your research, from incisions and placement to texture and shape. You want the best, and making the best choice takes a little time. So, while you’re mulling over your options to enhance your silhouette, you might want to consider combining a breast lift with your augmentation to get the boobs of your dreams.

Sagging Expectations

The major factor to take into account here is sagging. While breast augmentations are great for adding volume, there’s just one slight issue. When sagging is more pronounced, such as when the nipples fall below the fold of the breasts where they meet the chest, the added mass from breast implants can actually make things worse. The already strained tissue of the breast pocket now has to support increased load, and sagging will become more pronounced.

Uplifting Horizons

Fear not! The breast lift is here to save the day. Combining a breast lift with augmentation allows your surgeon to simultaneously alleviate sagging while also adding volume. The combined procedure also allows for better control of the overall contours and more manipulation of nipple placement, ultimately giving your surgeon more power over the finished product. Finally, it’s worth considering that combining procedures is often less expensive and takes less time than subsequent procedures.

Whether or not you decide to combine a lift with augmentation will depend on your breasts and what you expect out of surgery. If you’re unsure about which direction to go with it, simply seek out a certified plastic surgeon and get some professional feedback.

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