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Can a Breast Lift Bring Out Your “True” Cup Size?

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Woman in Black A breast lift can eliminate excess saggy skin to counteract the effects of aging and gravity, giving you perkier, firmer breasts. However, before having a breast lift, you should realize the effect the procedure might have on your perceived breast size. Being informed on how your cup size will be affected before your procedure can help ensure you’re satisfied with your end result.

Understanding the Benefits and Limitations of a Lift

A breast lift effectively repositions existing breast tissue and nipple placement to improve the shape and profile of the breasts. It is important to understand that a lift may give the breasts a more youthful, perky appearance, but it will not increase breast tissue size or volume. The fact that most women seeking breast surgery want larger breasts is the main reason breast lifts will never outpace implants, despite their current popularity.

How Sagging Affects Cup Size

While it’s common knowledge that most women don’t wear the correct bra size, a recent study shows this may be especially true for women with ptosis (sagging) in the breasts. Women with ptosis typically select a larger cup size because it more comfortably accommodates their longer breast shape. While a lift may give you a smaller cup size, this doesn’t necessarily mean you have less breast tissue, but instead is a good sign your bras were sized improperly prior to surgery.

Combining a Lift with Implants

If you want to lift and reshape your existing breasts but are concerned about not having the volume or bra size you desire, you may want to consider getting implants in addition to a lift. Combining the two procedures takes a comprehensive approach to improving the shape and placement of the breasts, as well as ensuring fullness.

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