Cellulite Treatment

Caffeine Tights Anyone? 3 Strange “Fixes” for Cellulite


CelluliteCellulite is the bane of our existence. Okay, it might not be the worst thing ever but it’s right up there with spiders and hangnails. Cellulite can strike anyone, regardless of your body type and level of dedication to gym life. Is there any hope? Are there actually any cellulite treatments that work?

  1. Caffeine Tights

    At last, someone has made caffeine tights to help rid you of cellulite once and for all! According to the manufacturers of these caffeine-infused leggings, wearing them will help smooth your dimpled thighs.  Of course, there’s no evidence that putting caffeine on your legs works even a little, so you might want to just spend the money on skinny lattes instead.

  2. The Cellulite Bike

    The cellulite bike is a spaceship-like pod with a stationary bicycle inside. As you pedal the bike, several infrared light beams penetrate your skin. At this point, we’re not exactly sure what happens, but it doesn’t involve getting rid of your cellulite. No matter what the makers of the cellulite bike say, there’s no credible research to support the idea that beams of infrared light will produce smoother thighs.

    Exercise like bicycling may help to improve the appearance of cellulite, but infrared light beams like those featured on the cellulite bike won’t do you any favors.

  3. CellFina™

    There’s one fairly significant difference between Cellfina™ and the other items on this list: it actually works. Cellfina™ is long-lasting, which is also pretty awesome. It’s a minimally invasive procedure that uses a teeny, tiny needle-like device to disrupt the bands that cause cellulite. One word of caution about Cellfina™: only have it done by a trained expert at a practice run by a board-certified plastic surgeon.

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