Breast Lift

Bye Bye Breast Implants! How a Breast Lift Can Reboot Your Bust Line

Breast Implants

Breast Implants Well, maybe not “bye, bye” breast implants. Uh… don’t go anywhere quite yet. Hang on for just a moment. Your call is very important to us.

As a breast enhancement tool, implants are clearly the gold standard. They can help to firm, reshape, create symmetry, and (obviously) enlarge the breasts. But not everyone needs or wants bigger boobs; sometimes a mere lift can provide all of the breast refreshment necessary to create a youthful and appealing silhouette.

Are You a Breast Lift Betty?

Breast lifts are ideal for those ladies who have southward-facing breasts, but still have enough volume to result in high and full breasts post-procedure. Think of having a pair of butternut squash sitting on your chest, and you’ll have a good idea of the sort of figure that would respond well to a mastopexy.

After a breast lift, the girls will sit higher and be reshaped so they’re rounder, helping creating (or recover) that coveted hourglass. As an added bonus, you’ll also notice a firmer texture and that perky look typically only seen in sorority girls making poor decisions during spring break.

If your breasts are more like zucchini blossoms (if we’re going to stick to the squash metaphor), you might want to consider combining a breast lift with implants, which would add volume along with better breast positioning.

Ultimately, your surgeon will give you the best ideas for what sort of procedure will deliver the kind of results you want. Whether you’re a butternut or a blossom, there’s a breast enhancement procedure that will take the squish out of your squash!

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