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But How Will Those New Boobs Look when You’re 70?

New Boobs Look

They’ll look fantastic! The rest of you, on the other hand…Portrait of mature woman at airport.

Just kidding! We’re sure that you’ll keep yourself trim, smooth and vibrant well into your golden years. It’s completely understandable, though, to have concerns about how breast implants will look in relation to an older body.

And no wonder. You’ve probably seen candid bikini photographs of certain older beachgoers and been somewhat alarmed. But if we’re being honest, next to the aggressively bleached hair, the buffet of poorly performed facial plastic surgery and a tan so violent it can practically be heard, the implants barely leave an impression at all.

Implants Aging Beautifully

Whether you have a breast augmentation at 20 or 60, there are a few tips to follow if you want to make sure your breast implants look approximately the same age as the rest of you:

  • Don’t tan. Bronzing creams and spray tans are okay, but definitely don’t spend time roasting in the sun. Sun damage leads to skin laxity, causing skin to sag in ways that are decidedly unflattering to breast implants.
  • Keep your weight stable. Gaining and losing significant amounts of weight can cause breasts to drop, affecting implant appearance.
  • Keep in touch with your plastic surgeon. While implants themselves may not change over time, the breast tissue around them is subject to gravity and aging just like the rest of your body. Sometimes, updating your implants (or combining breast implants with a lift) may be the best answer for ensuring a flattering figure that’s still age-appropriate.

There’s no reason why your breast implants should become a liability after you reach a certain age. Make sure you give them (and yourself) the care they deserve, and your ta-tas should continue to serve you well into the future.

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