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Breast Implant or Jellyfish: Can You Tell the Difference?

breast implant or jellyfish

breast implant or jellyfishPicture this: you’re taking a casual stroll along the beach when you spot something drifting in the water. Upon closer inspection, you realize it’s a…breast implant? Sound the alarm, you smell something fishy here!

As crazy as it sounds, folks, this is the beginning of a true story. You won’t believe what happens next.

The Most Embarrassing 911 Call Ever

Truthfully, this Australian man was just trying to do the right thing when he proceeded to call the police and alert them as to what was *obviously* evidence of a homicide. How else would a single breast implant wind up floating in the ocean? There had to be a woman somewhere swimming with the fishes.

Except, the “breast implant” that sparked the beginnings of a homicide investigation turned out to be nothing more than an unfortunate jellyfish that was missing its tentacles. Woops.

How about Saline or Silicone?

While they might have their similarities, you really should be able to tell the difference between a breast implant and a jellyfish if you’re getting a boob job.

If you’re thinking about getting a boob job, rest assured that nobody is going to mistake your implants for jellyfish, at least as long as you work with a qualified plastic surgeon. Really, skip the weird boob tricks and consult a professional who knows what they’re doing.

When you go in for your consultation, you should have your pick of two main types of breast implants—saline or silicone, not “breast implant” or “jelly-like ocean creature.”


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Breast Implant or Jellyfish: Can You Tell the Difference?
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Breast Implant or Jellyfish: Can You Tell the Difference?
You might have questions about types of breast implants, but rest assured that jellyfish is not one of them. RaveBabe shares one man’s embarrassing story.
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