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Body-Jet® and Lasers and Lipo, Oh My!

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Lasers and Lipo You just wanted to tighten up your love handles a little, but now you’re faced with the daunting choice of a half dozen different liposuction techniques, each weirder-sounding than the last.

Don’t fret too much, though. Your plastic surgeon will help you determine which type of lipo will best correct those curves, and you can sleep well tonight knowing that your stubborn fat will hit the road, one way or another.

Crazy Lipo Tech

Liposuction used to be simple—just a little vacuum tube that made that obnoxious fat disappear. Nowadays, your liposuction possibilities are a little more advanced:

  • Body-Jet®: AquaShape by Body-Jet® brand of liposuction uses a high-powered, finely controllable water spray to carefully [url=sculpt away your fat. Think Michelangelo creating the statue of David (except without the whole “chiseling” bit).
  • Laser Lipo: Fat is liquefied with a high-energy laser, and is then removed with suction.
  • Tumescent Lipo: Also known as traditional lipo, this method uses a solution to help break apart fatty deposits, which are then sucked away.
  • Ultrasonic: UAL uses high-energy sound waves to melt the fat before removal. I guess fat and rock ‘n’ roll don’t mix well?

Which Lipo Method Is Best?

Well, that’s not an easy question. A better one would be, which is best for you?

Each option has its own upsides and downsides, even though they all essentially accomplish the same goal. For example, water-assisted lipo can provide more sculpted contouring than most other varieties, while tumescent lipo is preferred by many surgeons for larger areas of fat removal.

At the end of the day, don’t sweat the decision. Your surgeon will help you sort it all out—that’s what they’re there for, right? Oh, and to actually do the procedure, I guess.

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