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Bird Poop or a Slap!? Has Skin Rejuvenation Gone Wrong?

Woman slapping a man.

Woman slapping a man.Imagine this. After careful consideration of your own complexion, you sit down at your laptop and type “laser skin rejuvenation near me” into your search engine.

You expect to find a couple of skincare ads and the location of some nearby med spas, but all of the sudden you’re hit with bird poop and someone outright slaps you. Yes, this is skin rejuvenation in 2019.

Oh So Wrong…

Skin rejuvenation has taken a turn, to say the least. In parts of the world, smearing nightingale poop on your face and being slapped by a stranger counts as skincare.

… And Yet So Right

Sure, the nightingale is a fancy bird, but a poop slap facial is not a fancy thing.

Fear not. Poop is not the only way to great skin. Thankfully, there are still some excellent options to skin rejuvenation on the market. Nanofractional Radio Frequency and Dynamic Variable Depth Radio Frequency treatments combine microneedling and RF skin rejuvenation to smooth your skin, no poop necessary. And Fractional CO2 technology uses targeted lasers to pinpoint specific areas of the skin that need help, without disrupting the surrounding healthy skin. Unlike, you know, a slap in the face.

It should go without saying, but we’ll say it anyway. Don’t put poop on your face, no matter how pretty the bird whose butt it came out of is. And don’t let a stranger slap you unless that you’re thing. Stick to the tried, true and totally not insane skin resurfacing methods.


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Bird Poop or a Slap!? Has Skin Rejuvenation Gone Wrong?
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Bird Poop or a Slap!? Has Skin Rejuvenation Gone Wrong?
When you're searching "laser skin rejuvenation near me," you don't want to end up with bird poop on your face. (Seriously) Choose a reliable method of skin rejuvenation instead.
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