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Beware of Frankenboobs after Breast Augmentation

woman covering frankenboobs

Breast AugmentationThe dreaded Frankenboobs. Hard, square and not at all what you envisioned your breast implants would look like. They sit too high, they’re misshapen, and they look…well…smaller than you expected. Have you been botched?! Don’t panic, this is just a temporary situation. You simply have to be patient, and let the drop and fluff progression take its course.

What the Heck is Drop and Fluff?

“Drop and fluff” is not a dance move. It’s a weird-sounding description of what happens with your implants immediately following your breast augmentation. After getting implants, muscles in the chest area tighten. The surrounding tissue also tend to get a bit agitated about the whole situation, causing it to swell. These factors work together to squeeze your breasts into those unrecognizable frankenboobs. Once the muscles relax and the tissue goes back to normal, the implants will “drop” into a lower and more normal-looking position. They’ll also “fluff” out and become more full and round.

    Fortunately, frankenboobs are a fleeting phenomenon after getting breast implants.

How Long Will It Take?

It can take anywhere from 6 to 12 weeks to see the final results of your breast augmentation. Some women’s drop and fluff progression may take a whole year. If your skin is tighter, it can take longer for your boobs to settle into place. The same goes for larger implants.

Of course, if you feel like something’s not right, get in touch with your cosmetic surgeon to make sure it’s just a common case of frankenboobs. While time is the only cure for frankenboobs, there are things you can do to promote healing after breast augmentation and encourage the drop and fluff progression along. Special bands, exercise moves and even massage can all help.

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