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Better Breast Augmentation Results with a Breast Lift?

woman in black

woman in blackWhen women think of enhancing their breasts, they typically assume that breast implants are the easiest solution for getting their ideal figure. The reality is that sometimes the best way to achieve your dream look is by combining different breast enhancement procedures to bring out the best in your natural assets.

Why Combine?

Different breast enhancement procedures accomplish different goals, so combining them can mean addressing more than one issue at the same time.

For example, some women may notice a droopy or deflated look to their breasts, and hope that getting breast implants will give them a higher, perkier silhouette. However, breast implants only add volume, so low-placed or sagging breasts would still have the same shape and rest in the same position after breast augmentation.

Combining a breast lift with breast implants can firm and reshape existing breast tissue for a final result that’s not only a larger cup size, but also restores a full, more youthful shape to the breasts again. A breast lift is often typically included with a breast reduction as well for proportionate yet shapely results. Ultimately, the goal needs to be looking at the big picture of what approach will help you meet your cosmetic goals, and that means working closely with your plastic surgeon to learn more about your options.

If you’re considering any type of breast enhancement, be prepared to keep an open mind about all the possibilities that might help you see the best possible breast augmentation results, including the option of combining procedures.

For those individuals who already have implants in place and are experiencing early sagging or visible rippling, we will discuss the potential benefits of platelet rich plasma (PRP) to provide extra fullness simulating a breast lift in future blogs.

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