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Bee Stings, Bazoombas and Fun Bags: Our Fave Slang Words for Boobies

Bee Stings

Bee StingsWho doesn’t love a great pair of melons, a couple of milk jugs, great big honkers…? You get the picture, right? No matter which way you slice it, calling them anything but breasts is just plain fun, not to mention creative. Hey, if you’re still saying breasts, bosoms or mammaries, you may just want to think about swapping out these Plain Jane words for some of our favorite slang terminology for the girls.

Boobs as Vessels

Okay, so maybe referring to your ta-tas as “milk jugs” isn’t really all that out-there if you think about it. But what about “cans” or even “gallon milk jugs” for all those amply endowed ladies? There’s certainly no shortage of terminology that highlights your breasts’ ability to act as a vessel for a liquid substance.

Vehicular and Weaponry Terms

Think boobs are all butterflies and sunshine? Think again. “Boulders,” “bombs,” “Goodyears” and “racks” are just some of the many nicknames for the twins that evoke semi-trucks, war and weaponry. So the next time you need to get a little frustration out, why not put those boulders to good use?

Miscellaneous Mammaries

As much as we’d like to be able to neatly categorize all of our fun-filled slang for your funbags, the truth is that there’s very little rhyme or reason when it comes to pet names for boobs. What’s with “bazoombas,” “chesticles” or even “Simon & Garfunkel”?

Who knows what’s behind the vast majority of these names, but hey, we’re not complaining. But if you are more of a mosquito bite when you’d rather be a half-gallon jug, don’t fret. With today’s breast implant options, your girls can be everything you’ve ever wanted them to be.

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