Are You Too Baby-Faced for BOTOX®?


BOTOX Don’t be fooled by the highly vocal wave of tree-huggers who insist that people embrace their “natural” beauty, and forego early anti-aging efforts. Next they’ll try to shame us into giving up iPads and toilet paper.

While it might seem a smidge hysterical to start getting BOTOX® injections in your 20s, solid arguments can be made both ways. If you’re chronologically young yet concerned about burgeoning fine lines and wrinkles, here are a few things to consider:

Your Fine, Barely Visible Lines Will Only Deepen with Age and Facial Muscle Use.

The way you sleep, express emotions, and the amount of sun you’ve absorbed in your youth will dictate the wrinkle pattern you’ll have when you age. BOTOX® can temporarily paralyze your facial muscles, which might slow the process a bit. Does it seem wrong to – at such a young age – chemically inhibit your face’s ability to convey feelings of joy, despair, and hilarity to preserve the appearance of youth? Eh, who cares – you’ll look great!

It’s Never Too Early to Preserve/Care for Your Skin.

Any medical professional will agree that it is far preferable to practice conscientious skin care in youth to preserve a healthy complexion than it is to try to reverse the aging process. People in their 20s should definitely wear sunscreen, use excellent quality products that address their concerns, sleep well, eat well, refrain from smoking, and just live as healthily as possible. Start building a hypersleep chamber, if you have the time. If not, preventative BOTOX® can contribute to proactively preserving your complexion too.

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