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Are You Tightening Your Skin with a Water Bottle or Profound?

Plastic bottle pouring water into a clear glass cup.

Plastic bottle pouring water into a clear glass cup.Want to get plastic-surgery-level results without having to go under the knife? It’s simple — just three steps:

  1. Get an empty plastic water bottle.
  2. Place it against your face and squeeze to create suction between the bottle and the skin.
  3. Move the bottle in an upward motion over your face, covering all your facial skin or whatever parts you want to treat.

The result? Increased blood flow and firmer skin. Sounds realistic, right? Honestly, it sounds like you’re begging for tiny water bottle hickeys all over your face.

Listen, if your goal is to have firmer, younger-looking skin without getting cosmetic surgery, stop looking longingly at your water bottle and start looking into Profound®. We promise it’ll deliver better, safer and more reliable results. And all without the need to dig through the garbage to find that old bottle you threw away!

Profound? Sounds Deep.

Practically make out with a plastic bottle, or get real skin treatment with Profound? Doesn’t seem like such a hard decision to make.

Hey, it is. And not in a figurative way.

Profound is a nonsurgical treatment that combines radiofrequency waves with microneedling — which, as you might guess, means that those waves can actually reach deeper into the skin and its supporting tissues. And that translates to incredible results.

Or at the very least, the benefits of Profound skin tightening greatly surpass those offered by your recycling. Speaking of benefits, let’s take a look at just why you should consider this procedure over some gimmick you read about on the Internet.

Treatments with Benefits, Baby!

Why is this skin tightening treatment so great? Shall we count the ways?

No, seriously, there are a lot of benefits to this procedure. For starters:

  • Wrinkle creams might make your skin feel nicer, but they won’t roll back the clock the way Profound does. And if you use the good stuff, just getting RF skin tightening might be cheaper.
  • With this treatment, the skin isn’t just tightened. The support structures of collagen, elastin, and hyaluronic acid are stimulated, helping the skin from within rather than just on the surface. And that equals an all-around more youthful look, girlfriend.
  • It takes an hour. That’s it. Really. Think about all the much-less-productive ways you waste an hour every day.
  • One treatment is enough for most people to get optimal results that can last a year or more. Yep — one hour for a YEAR’s worth of looking fine!
  • It’s cheaper than cosmetic surgery. Isn’t that reason enough?
  • There’s little to no recovery time, so you don’t have to go dark on social media while you heal. Keep on ‘gramming!

Not convinced yet? Go ahead, book an appointment with a reputable med spa for a consultation. That way, the professionals can help you see the light. Once you’re sitting face-to-face with someone who knows the ins and outs of skin care, debating between the benefits of Profound and getting to know your water bottle in a whole new way will surely seem as silly as it truly is.


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Are You Tightening Your Skin with a Water Bottle or Profound?
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Are You Tightening Your Skin with a Water Bottle or Profound?
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