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Are You So into “Gelling” That You’d Get Dermal Fillers in Your Feet?

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Dermal fillersdermal fillers feet keep getting more popular, and not just among sexy celebrities and fancy socialites. Part of the reason everyone is so obsessed with fillers is that they are versatile, instant and can produce significant-yet-subtle results. Recently, reports of people using injectables to help reduce high heel-related foot pain have surfaced. Which begs the question, is this something you should actually do?

So, Where Can You Get Injectables?

Some fillers pull double-duty by stimulating your body’s own collagen production — although this tends to be most beneficial in your face, not your feet.

Another reason injectables are so beloved is that they can be used in lots of different ways. Fillers are used to plump the nasolabial folds (those “laugh lines” that run alongside your mouth, in case you were wondering what the heck a nasolabial fold is). They’re also used to plump and sexifythin lips, and to fill in those hollow spaces on your face that make you look gaunt and old (not that we’d ever say you look gaunt and old or anything).

But, Fillers in Your Feet?!

The idea behind getting injections in your feet is that the extra padding from the fillers, along with the subsequent collagen stimulation they provide, will help cushion and comfort your tootsies against the pain of wearing ridiculous shoes. Unfortunately, pumping your feet full of Restylane® is pretty much just a weird way to waste your money. It’s also a waste of good injectables that could have been much more useful fighting wrinkles on your face.

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Are You So into "Gelling" That You’d Get Dermal Fillers in Your Feet?
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Are You So into "Gelling" That You’d Get Dermal Fillers in Your Feet?
Wondering where you can get injectables. Find out whether dermal fillers work as good for soothing your feet as it does for smoothing your face.
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