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Are You Getting Breast Implants AND Stretch Marks?!

Breast Implants

Breast ImplantsBreast implants and stretch marks should not even be in the same sentence, or should they? If you get breast augmentation surgery, chances are you were hoping your boobs would look awesome afterward. But, what if your boob job gives you stretch marks?! We don’t mean to stress you out, but it’s time to discuss the reality of whether breast implants can cause stretch marks.

Anatomy of a Stretch Mark

If you’ve ever lost weight, been pregnant or experienced a rapid growth spurt as a kid or teen, you probably know all about the dastardly stretch mark. Stretch marks are actually scars that result from skin being stretched beyond its capacity to keep up. Stretch marks are permanent and, while their appearance can be minimized, there’s not really anything you can do to erase them. Sorry. But, what about breast implants and stretch marks? Is it something you should worry about?

Are Stretch Marks the Price You Pay for Bigger Boobs?

It’s not crazy to wonder whether getting new boobs will result in stretch marks. After all, isn’t your skin being stretched out to accommodate your new girls? Is it just inevitable that you’ll have to deal with stretch marks after you get breast augmentation? Thanks be to the boob job gods, but the answer is a resounding “no.” While it is certainly possible for stretch marks to occur as the result of getting breast implants, it’s actually quite uncommon for this to happen. A cosmetic surgeon worth their salt will understand that you probably don’t want stretch marks and will advise you as to the size, placement and  type of implants that are least likely to result in them. Whew!

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