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Are You Down for a Ken Doll Romance?

Ken Doll Romance

Ken Doll RomanceMaybe you were the kind of girl who really enjoyed playing with her Barbies. If you were lucky, you had all the Barbie bling, from the dream house to the glam convertible to the trusty horse Tawny, so that your Barbie lived it up in style. But as luscious as a three-story house with pink appliances may be, it can be a lonely abode without a Ken doll to keep you company.

Unrequited Doll Love

If you weren’t lucky enough to have a Ken doll to inhabit your Barbie world, it’s likely that loss cast a pall over your childhood. Indeed, many grown women who were deprived of Ken dolls often feel as if something is still missing. They wake from troubled sleep, never feeling entirely whole.

A Dream Come True

If you’re one of the countless girls who grew up without the chance for Barbie and Ken to cruise around in her glam convertible, there’s hope for you yet. Justin Jedlica, a human man, has undergone more than 100 cosmetic surgeries in his quest to be a real-life Ken doll.

Using his body as the template for plastic perfection, Justin has had five rhinoplasties, a lip augmentation, bicep implants, a Brazilian butt lift, chest implants and body contouring procedures in order to mold himself into the likeness of a Ken doll. No word on if Justin is actually available for play dates, but it’s still a good idea to call up Skipper on the old Barbie phone and let little sis know that you’re finally on a mission to meet up with Ken.


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