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Are You Connecting with Your Plastic Surgeon?

Plastic Surgeon

Plastic Surgeon Being right at the heart of the entertainment industry means you’re never really more than a stone’s throw away from a plastic surgeon in Los Angeles no matter where you are in your workday or playtime. The problem here isn’t finding a qualified surgeon; it’s in finding someone you feel comfortable with. How can you really connect with your plastic surgeon?

Start with Certifications

No matter how personable or charming your surgeon may be face-to-face, it’s critical that you only choose a board-certified plastic surgeon for your cosmetic surgery. With so many surgeons in Beverly Hills claiming to specialize in cosmetic procedures, checking licensure and certifications is really the only way to start narrowing down the field. Once you’re down to a few candidates, it’s time to schedule some consultations.

Encouraging Questions

Many plastic surgeons offer free consultations, so take advantage of that and meet with your top picks in person before moving forward with surgery. During your consultation, take special note of whether your prospective surgeon encourages questions, or if he or she seems brusque or hurried. With the subjective nature of cosmetic procedures, it’s essential to feel comfortable communicating with your surgeon, as well as feel assured that they’re listening to your hopes and expectations.

Your initial consultation is the foundation of your relationship going forward, so if you don’t feel positive after your first meeting, or have sudden nagging doubts about whether this is the surgeon for you, keep looking. Much like any relationship, when you find the right surgeon, you’ll know. Everything will feel like it just clicks; you shouldn’t settle for anything less.

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