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Are You a Celeb-Obsessed Fan Looking to Level Up?


Celeb-ObsessedObsessed with being Lara Croft? No, not being an actual tomb raider, but having Lara’s curvy features, pouty lips and too-big-for-that-tank-top breasts? Then put that controller down, and level up your life to look like your favorite celebrity through plastic surgery.

Queen Bey

Go from flat and frumpy to fierce and fabulous to look like the queen of hip-hop, Beyoncé. All it takes is breast augmentation surgery to boost your cup size plus a little BBL to make those boys put a ring on it.

Oh Jessica

Go from meh to va-va-voom with a look inspired by Jessica Rabbit. Her vamped up looks made Roger Rabbit and all the boys in Toon Town lose their minds—and you can too with a tummy tuck and breast implants to give your body that voluptuous frame.

Oh My Kardashian

Whether it’s Kim, Kourtney or Khloe, you can look and feel like a Kardashian with liposuction and breast lifts. Today you’re just a plain Jane office worker; tomorrow you can be hiding from the paparazzi with your superstar looks and figure.

My Selena

Give Bieber the fever with a look inspired by the reigning Princess of Pop. A simple tummy tuck to get her flat abs and a perky breast lift is all you need. All right, maybe adding a killer voice, bedroom eyes and pouty lips couldn’t hurt, but a girl has to start somewhere.

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