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Are You a Candidate for Fat Transfer Augmentation?

Fat Transfer Augmentation

Fat Transfer Augmentation For decades the choice to seek breast augmentation meant a decision to undergo major surgery, but now a new technique gives you a way to get larger breasts without going under the knife. This procedure is called fat transfer breast augmentation, and more and more doctors are considering it for their patients.

What Is Fat Transfer Breast Enlargement?

The basic idea behind fat transfer augmentation is to use the patient’s own fat, which has first been removed through liposuction, and then strategically inject it into her breasts. There are a few clear advantages to this approach:

  • There is no incision on the breasts involved in the injection process, and liposuction uses incisions smaller than the width of a pencil eraser.
  • The fat usually comes from the patient’s thighs, hips, or abdomen, so the patient receives slimmer contours as a bonus.
  • Because fat transfer augmentation doesn’t involve a gel or saline implant device, there is no risk of leaks, rupture, or shifting.
  • There are no concerns over scar tissue development, or replacing implants after several years.
  • Results feel and look very natural because the augmentation is achieved with actual adipose tissue.

Is Fat Transfer Right for Me?

Not everyone is a candidate for fat transfer augmentation. If you’re looking to add multiple cup sizes to your breasts, you’ll need implants, but for understated, natural results, fat transfer is ideal. While it’s not the best option for a large increase in size, fat transfer augmentation does consistently produce softer and more natural looking breasts than artificial implants alone, and is sometimes incorporated with implants to gain the ideal combination of both ample volume and a very natural feel and look.

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