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Are We Adding Freckles Back ON Our Faces Now?


astrofrecksIn case you haven’t gotten the memo, freckles are now IN (so you can step away from the lemon juice).

That’s right, all you freckled folks out there who have been trying for the past two decades to scrub off those spots can finally bask in the limelight thanks to the latest cosmetic trend.

Maybe Don’t Tattoo Freckles on Your Face?

Freckles are so in right now that people who haven’t been naturally graced with them are going to some great lengths to add freckles to their faces. One new trend is apparently called AstroFrecks” and involves getting permanent face tattoos meant to look like freckles arranged in specific star patterns.

If you really like the look of freckles, you might want to go for stick-on or washable makeup options instead. Or use that Snapchat freckle + oversized glasses filter that everyone’s so obsessed with right now.

If you’ve already made the mistake of tattooing AstroFrecks on your face and want them gone, look into laser tattoo removal.

What If You Have Spots You Want to Get Rid Of?

Just like all trends come and go, you can probably expect freckle-mania to be relatively short-lived. Whether you have freckles, age spots or sun damage that you’re not so fond of, your best bet is to go with professional laser treatments instead of that weird DIY concoction you have going on.

Some of the best laser treatments for your face include eMatrix, PicoWay® Resolve and the CO2RE fractional laser. The right choice for you will depend on your skin type, condition and specific trouble spots.


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Are We Adding Freckles Back ON Our Faces Now?
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Are We Adding Freckles Back ON Our Faces Now?
Even though freckles are on trend now, RaveBabe shares some of the best laser treatments for your face in case you don’t love your freckles or age spots.
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